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State of Moving 2022

As a moving leader in New Jersey and the Tri State Area, Assertive Moving would like to update customers on the state of moving for the upcoming fall of 2022. It’s been quite a hectic summer and we want to keep our customers informed on what to expect in the next few months. First, we are covering gas prices, rent prices, new covid guidelines and lastly moving in general.

Why are moving companies so expensive?

The fact is that as of recently every moving company has raised their prices to keep up with inflation. We do everything in our power to keep our cost low and pass on the savings to our customers, but the gas prices have jumped over 100% in the past year and the cost of rent increased a whopping 20% in the same time period, forced us to adjust our prices in order to keep our operation running without cutting corners where it matters. The worker shortage has also affected us, some of our valuable team members moved to different states where rent and food is more affordable and finding quality replacements can be time consuming and expensive. Materials such as moving boxes, protective moving blankets and shrink wrap not only saw a price increase, but at a point we were scrambling to find these items due to a supply chain shortage.

Luckily with the conclusion of summer, we’re getting some breathing room. Inflation, while it’s still very high, we are seeing gas prices and food prices slightly come down. As of August 11th, 2022 the CDC has relaxed its COVID-19 Guidelines which you can find here – meaning we are one step closer to normalizing our day to day. Still, at Assertive Moving, we take precautions to make sure our staff and customers are safe, we encourage vaccination and give our employees their guarantee time in case they have been exposed and tested positive.

With fuel and gas prices coming down, not only are we able to adjust our moving prices, but our customers will be able to afford a reliable moving company that will take care of their relocation needs. We noticed that over the past year or so we have been moving customers from New Jersey and New York to southern states Like Florida and Texas more frequently. We want our customers to know that these are the kind of moves our company has expertise on and we are still performing these moves at a high standard. We forecast our prices to reduce slightly but the man power it takes to perform these moves plus the fuel prices will keep moving prices at a higher level than pre pandemic for now. 

As with long distance moving, we are also performing local moves at an increased rate. We find a wide range of customers that are going from North Jersey and New York to South Jersey, where rents are more affordable. We also see families growing and needing to expand to bigger houses and with the reopening of NYC we are also moving families and workers back into the city to resume life as it was pre pandemic. All in all we continue to move families and businesses all across the Tri State Area and further to other states.