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Moving From
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Table of Contents

Why South Carolina?

South Carolina is a state that is as hand in hand with nature as it is with modern life. If you’re tired of crowded cities made of concrete, this is the state for you. That’s not to say it doesn’t have amazing career opportunities. In fact, with many large tech companies opening headquarters, South Carolina isn’t only a touristic state but also boasts a rapidly growing job market. Add cheap costs of living, and cheap housing and the deal becomes as sweet as its people! Southern hospitality is real and South Carolina is living proof of it. Did I mention its famous beaches, warm climate, and delicate food? It’s also a very popular state for retirees. According to Greenville news S.C., 36.56% of people moving to South Carolina have done so to spend their retirement years there.

How Much Do Movers Cost To Move From New Jersey To South Carolina?

Bedrooms Move Size (cubic Feet) Moving Estimate Full Packing Service(Additional)
1 Bedroom 300 to 400 CF $1,466 to $1955 From $537 to $716
2 Bedrooms 500 to 1,000 CF $2,300 to $4,600 From $895 to $1,790
3 Bedrooms 1,100 to 2,200 CF $4,743 to $6,253 From $1,969 to $2,5095
4 Bedrooms 1,500 to 2,200 CF $6,468 to $9,487 From $2,250 to $3,300

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Delivery usually takes one to two weeks to arrive at the destination, but it can take up to 21 days depending on the season, booking timing, or other factors. To learn more about our policy please visit our policy page.

How Much Is It To Insure My Belongins?

All items are covered at basic valuation in accordance with DOT regulations of .60 cents per LB. However additional insurance can be purchased via ABBA insurance. 

Popular Cities to move to in South Carolina


South Carolina’s capital, Columbia is home to many festivals, art exhibitions, and concerts. The city also has an active nightlife. This city lives hand to hand-with nature and boasts a lower cost of living than the average in the United States. Housing here is also 15% cheaper than the national average. If you want a slower-paced city life with many opportunities still available to you, look no further than Columbia. 


Known best as a foodie town, this city lives up to its name with greens everywhere! You can find off-broadway shows and art festivals here. It is considered a cultural center and it’s surrounded by natural beauty. There are many campsites, natural preserves, state parks, and hiking trails in close proximity. Despite all the fanciness, Greenville is cheap to live in. It is also close to Asheville North Carolina which has attractions such as Biltmore and for the same mile, you can reach Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina. Greenville is a great choice for those who have an interest in art, culture, love the green nature but also want to keep close proximity to central locations. If you also prefer a cooler climate compared to the rest of South Carolina, it is also a great option.


Used to be South Carolina’s capital, this bustling city is home to many famous distilleries. This city is rich in history, architecture, and culture. It’s also known for its gorgeous beaches and vibrant nightlife as well as its rich variety of seafood and barbecue. The job market has increased in Charleston by nearly 20% in the past decade with multinational corporations setting up there. This makes it an appealing city for opportunistic job seekers. Statistics show the job economy in South Carolina grows by ~3% each year and Charleston is a big part of it. In Charleston, you’ll never run out of things to do and places to explore.

Fort Mill

Fort Mill boasts a low cost of living and reasonable real estate prices, despite being close to Charlotte NC. It sits right between South Carolina and North Carolina border and it’s a real estate investor’s dream. If you prefer to live in a small quiet town but still have access to the opportunities in a large population city such as Charlotte, this town is for you.

Warm, beautiful four seasons

In South Carolina, you’ll enjoy the beauties of all four seasons. With its warm climate, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset, the drizzling spring rain, and the calming snowfall without worrying about catching a cold. Winters in this state have average temperatures in the 50s and snowfall is relatively light compared to other states. In the winter storm of January 2022, the snow was only 5.5 inches thick in South Carolina. It is also a big tourist attraction in summer for its vast and long beaches. The average temperatures hit near 90 °F and 70 °F lows overnight during summer. Finally, in South Carolina, there’s a variety of everything, including the climate! If a warm climate isn’t it for you, away from the coast, the western city of Greenville and neighboring towns offer a cooler climate.


There’s a reason so many people choose to retire in South Carolina. It’s not only a paradise of natural beauties and a warm climate, but it has excellent benefits in taxation if you’re considering buying real estate. You can get a newly constructed two-story house for $ 200-300 k. There’s a tax exemption for people older than 65, fully blind, or permanently disabled and if that’s not good enough for you, the gas tax is also 20% below the national average! With All this affordability coupled with the booming job market, it’s safe to say you don’t have to think twice about finances when moving to South Carolina.

Variety of Lifestyles and More

South Carolina is surrounded by attractions of all kinds for any lifestyle. Natural beauties coupled with often occurring festivals, exhibitions, bustling nightlife, the sea, and countryside life at a couple of minutes’ drive, there’s something to do for everyone. Hiking, viewing the lakes or taking a dip in them, camping, watersports, the list goes on and on. South Carolina offers you a great variety of lifestyle options at only a few hours of drive. Bored of the sea and want a cooler climate? It’s just a 3 hours drive from the coast to Greenville and vice versa. You can’t go wrong with a state that allows you to change your lifestyle by driving for a few hours.

Great Food

Being a coastal state, South Carolina has a rich kitchen of seafood. As if its freshly fished shrimp and Oysters and their mouth-watering recipes weren’t enough, South Carolina has a great variety of barbecue and spicy food. It’s an ongoing battle of food culture between N.C. and S.C. residents, who both make claim to the discovery of barbecue. Oh and, they’re second in peach production in the United States. If you’re on a diet, stay away from this state! They even roast Oreos.

Moving trucks

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