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How to pack your electronic devices

Here is the biggest perk of hiring a professional moving company like Assertive Moving; you don’t have to worry about protecting your items and expensive gadgets. Professional movers have the expertise and the right resources to securely pack and move your items, gadgets, laptops, LEDs, music players, and other electronic devices. You cannot undermine the importance of secure moving and that’s why people prefer moving companies in NYC for inter-city and long-distance moves.

Why is Secure Packing Important for Electronics?

If you are firmly determined to follow DIY tips for moving your stuff, you need the right assistance and resources. You will have to pay attention to every little detail or you will end up with damaged items. A small bump or shock can shatter the LED. Instead of saving moving costs, always opt for secure and safer options no matter what. Here are some professional tips to pack your expensive electronics and fragile items like a pro:

Getting Electronics ready for Move

Before you start placing electronics in the boxes, you need to read the user manual of the products for a secure move. For expensive items, you can ensure the products so that every kind of damage during the packing and unpacking process is covered by the insurance company. Try carrying a laptop and mobile in your backpack or personal bag.

Packing your Electronics

You need to remove all types of batteries and cords from different devices. For LEDs and other bulky devices, remove the stands so that products can be packed precisely in the cardboard boxes or any other packing boxes. All types of external accessories and devices must be removed before packing the devices.

At Assertive Moving, we have a complete checklist for packing electronics. Our expert movers will pack everything in a secure way to avoid any type of damage. The safety and security of your belongings is our top priority. The highest success rate of our moving services in NYC makes our top priority for all types of moving services.

Labeling the Cables and the Items

Labeling items is one of the most important yet most underrated phases of moving and packing. These are the details where professional moving companies offer real value. In the packing process, labeling the items is a time-consuming process but you will realize the benefit while unpacking your items. Here are some tips to label your items properly like professional movers:

  • Label cables and items with colored stickers

  • Use colored markers for cardboard boxes

  • Wrap white stickers around the cables and label the stickers

  • Take a picture of the cable set up at your old home to easily connect at the new location.

General Moving Tips and Conclusion

The most secure way to pack fragile and expensive electronics is to use the original packaging by the manufacturer. You can also request the local businesses to send the boxes that are hard enough to be used for secure packing.

Handling such sensitive stuff can be a daunting task so you may mess up at some point. Assertive moving is complies with all moving regulations and fully insures all your belongings . We can take care of all types of moving services so feel free to contact the best moving company near you in NYC.