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How Much Should I Tip Movers?

With 35 million Americans moving and packing their belongings every year, you can imagine the importance of moving companies in the USA. Not every client is going to tip the movers because even if they want to tip, they don’t know much should they tip the moves. Movers are hardworking and dedicated employees who take care of things that you consider hard and challenging. Assembling your drawer, packing your fragile electronics, and loading your furniture requires a lot of determination and commitment.

Should you tip the movers? Of course, you should tip them though the tip is not part of the deal, the tip is the token of appreciation and everyone loves positive feedback. Giving tips is not just about money but it indicates that you are extremely satisfied and happy with their services. There is no hard and fast rule to determine the exact amount of the tip as some will suggest a flat rate and some appreciate a certain percentage of the total cost of the move. Today, we are going to explore the possible solution to determine the exact amount of appropriate tip for the movers.

Do I Have To Tip Movers?

Tipping is a nice gesture that can raise the morale of the movers and they will surely try even harder to offer the best possible services for the completion of the job. First thing first, tipping is a nice gesture so no matter how much you want to tip, always try to tip them. For the small and local moves in NYC, you can tip 5% to 10% of the total cost of the move. For professional and long moves, 10-20% of the total moving cost is an appropriate amount to tip.

The tip is equally distributed among the members of the crew so if you tip $200 for the team of 4 movers, at the end of the job, every mover will receive $50 and it can make their day.

In some moves, the team has to put special efforts into the successful packing and loading so in these cases, tipping some additional amount is also a great idea. These small details and factors also influence the right amount of tip for the movers. If you are not satisfied with these suggestions or you are not satisfied with the services, you are always welcome to follow your own will.

Things to Consider while Tipping Movers

Packing, disassembling, and assembling furniture and other bulky items are an extremely complicated and challenging job. Movers put their best efforts despite the challenges faced during the move. Here are some major factors that may help you to decide how much you should tip the movers:

  • The complexity of the job: Some jobs can be done same day and even in a few hours, however some jobs require workers to be away from their families for days at a time to complete a long distance job. 
  • Quality of the services
  • The total cost of the move
  • Service charges and labor charged by the company
  • Behavior and professionalism of the movers
  • Did the team use proper PPE to protect you from Covid-19?
  • Go above and beyond your expectations

The main idea behind tipping movers is to show your appreciation for their work and there are many other ways to do so. Offering them some snacks and bottled water during the move will show your respect for their work. The tip is the best way to reward a mover for his hard work and commitment.

Assertive Moving does not require tipping, but its always appreciated!