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Assertive Moving: Statement On Deliveries

It is no surprise to anyone that in 2020, truck drivers were listed as key essential workers during the pandemic. The country realized on lockdown it simply can’t function without truckers. Everyone remembers the toilet paper shortages and delayed Amazon packages and now more people understand how much the trucking industry means to the United States regarding deliveries. 
The Moving industry has suffered tremendously over the last year. We have lost many drivers to COVID, some have retired, others simply do not want to be in a stranger’s house every day. On top of that, we don’t have many candidates entering the field due to the strenuous work and stringent requirements.
Deliveries for Interstate moves are taking much longer than before. There’s no longer a “normal” time frame. Each cycle has its own unique challenges e.g. California is experiencing a record number of bush fires; this is causing delays due to drivers having to detour to avoid fires, sometimes multiple times in the same trip. Another recurring delay is the now constant rescheduling of closing dates as the real estate industry continues to flourish.
At Assertive Moving, we will continue to do our very best to have your shipments delivered on or as close as possible to your requested delivery date, but please be reminded that in this unprecedented moving season, we are dealing with a myriad of challenges in getting this done. Our Operations department has been exploring different methods to expedite deliveries. We ask for your patience and understanding as we move all of New York and New Jersey to Florida.
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