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Do Moving Companies Pack for you?

Its the age old question, Do Moving Companies Pack For you?

If you are relocating your home or office, you have good reason to hire a moving company to pack for you.  The main concern is moving, but there is so much into it. Things like packing, what packing materials, what items can I put together in each box.. etc…  The move suddenly is not as simple as you initially thought

We get it, you don’t want to worry about those extra challenges. You just want to make sure you get to your new location and have your items safe with you. Enter Assertive Moving, We not only pack for you, we use industry standard packing material that other companies often cut corners with. Does it matter what company you go with? YES! 

Will Assertive Moving Pack for you?

We offer different kinds of packages for our customers. Some customers that have prior packing and moving experience may opt out of the packing service. While this may save you a buck or two, we can’t guarantee if the boxes you purchased or the blankets you have from home will be up to par with our materials. Hence why we recommend letting the team take the lead on your packing needs. 

We Invest In Premium Packing Materials

At Assertive Moving, we take customer safety very seriously. We wash our blankets regularly, replace popped bubble wrap and use reinforced boxes to make sure your items make it to your new location safe. Our items are also fully insured, handled by professionals and moved in reliable trucks. 

We have warehouse members dedicated to make sure all boxes are reinforced and ready to go. Our tapes are stored in moisture free environments to guarantee max security. We really go the extra mile to ensure you are getting your money’s worth when you trust us with your packing needs. 

Items That Need Special Packing

Your items are expensive so electronics and some other fragile items must be packed with extreme care and attention. If you have several books, mirrors, and art pieces then you need them to offer special packing services. Here are some general items that need special packing services:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pianos
  • China
  • Fragile furniture
  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Mirrors and valuable items

Whats Included In The Packing Service?

Everything that you need to take with you to the new home is included in the packing services. In general, wrapping, organizing, and packing of boxes disassembling the furniture and assembling the furniture and other common things are included in full packing services by the moving companies.

During the whole process, cost, time for packing and included services must be discussed with us before starting the agreement. There are different options available for home move in NYC and you can choose any package and service that meets your budget constraints and requirements. Here are some common moving packages offered for packing and moving:

  1. The basic package
  2. Per-room package
  3. The full home moving and packing package
  4. Customized moving packages

You might feel an urge to pack your stuff on your own because disassembling and assembling furniture or loading and unloading bulky items can be a challenging task for you. Full-service moving companies are the lifesavers when you need to enjoy peace of mind and a smooth move.