5 Tips To Reduce Moving Cost

5 tips to reduce moving cost

5 Tips To Reduce Moving Cost Long-distance moving is stressful, expensive, and complicated if you don’t have professional assistance. The first step to reduce the moving cost is to hire a professional moving company near you. Relocating to a new home and new city can be a pretty expensive deal as you will have to […]

How to pack your electronic devices

how to pack your electronic devices

How to pack your electronic devices Here is the biggest perk of hiring a professional moving company like Assertive Moving; you don’t have to worry about protecting your items and expensive gadgets. Professional movers have the expertise and the right resources to securely pack and move your items, gadgets, laptops, LEDs, music players, and other […]

How much should I tip Movers

How Much Should I Tip Movers?​

How Much Should I Tip Movers? With 35 million Americans moving and packing their belongings every year, you can imagine the importance of moving companies in the USA. Not every client is going to tip the movers because even if they want to tip, they don’t know much should they tip the moves. Movers are […]

Reasons to hire the best NYC Movers

NYC Movers

Reasons to Hire NYC Movers Hiring professional NYC movers is the phase of the relocation process where owners tend to overlook the importance of an expert’s assistance. Being the top NYC movers at Affordable and Assertive Moving, we work closely with our clients and most of them revealed they were reluctant to hire any professional […]