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5 Tips To Reduce Moving Cost

Long-distance moving is stressful, expensive, and complicated if you don’t have professional assistance. Believe it or not, hiring a professional moving company can be your best option. Between renting trucks, paying workers and taking time out of your day to do it yourself, it may turn out to be even more expensive. The overall cost of moving can easily exceed your budget and expectations specially if there is any damages or items lost. 

With the right moving strategy and resources, you can turn this stressful task into a pleasant activity. Here is everything you need to know about reducing the moving costs:

1. Set up your moving budget

How to save money on long distance moving? The very first is to determine your moving budget. Once you are done with the budget calculation, you can hire the right long-distance moving service near you. 

There will be some items that are going to require larger storage capacity and rental trucks. Instead of hiring different moving vehicles, let the professionals pack your stuff for you. This way, you will be able to reduce the vehicle rental cost.

2. Search for affordable moving companies near you

There are hundreds of moving companies near you but their packages may scare you. Once you have determined your moving budget, start looking for NYC moving companies that offer long-distance moving services. 

At Assertive Moving NYC, you can request a free quote for long-distance moving services. Our customized moving services are not only affordable but we also ensure the highest standards of safety and packing. You can compare our services with other moving companies in NYC and you will find us competitive.

3. Negotiate a better package with the moving company

You can always negotiate the deal with your mover as there are no hard and fast rules to determine the right price for a moving project. Some moving companies offer discounted packages with additional services so instead of hiring partial services, consider benefiting from complete long-distance moving packages and save big. 

At Assertive Moving Company NYC, our professional customer service is always open to hearing you out so feel free to contact us for a free quote or any other queries.

4. Book moving services before the move

Don’t book moving services too early and don’t make the appointment at the very last moment. Once your move and the destination have been confirmed, you can start negotiating with the moving company or ideally, book with an Affordable company like Assertive Moving.

Moving companies tend to charge more prices for emergency moving services so start scheduling your move as soon as possible so you can grab the best deal.

5. Find deals on moving boxes

You are going to need a lot of moving boxes and each box can be pretty costly. You can ask local business like Home Depot to give cardboard boxes at cheaper rates. Flea markets are a great place to find packing materials and moving boxes. Check with your moving company if the boxes are strong enough that they will not damage your items. Its better to ask the professionals before hand. 


Some tips may save money and reduce the moving cost but eventually post serious safety threats too. We understand you need to save money but you also need to secure your items so let us come up with an affordable solution for your long-distance moving needs.