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5 Tips For Last Minute Moves

Planning Your Move On A Tight Deadline

Moving out of your home can sometimes be an inconvenience. Not only are you going to leave your home but you also need to take everything with you. In these situations, the organization of the move can be a daunting task. Some people start planning their move months before the deadline but things don’t always go as per your will. Sometimes, you have to be quick and in those times, planning your move on a tight deadline can be pretty tricky.

If you are on a tight deadline and still want to get everything done in a perfect manner, you are more than welcome to contact Assertive Moving. We are the most trusted moving company in NYC with the right resources and trained professionals. Our experienced movers have helped hundreds of clients in NYC with their local and long-distance moves. Experienced movers have the expertise to handle emergency moves with extreme care and precision. Hiring an Assertive Moving Company means you can sit tight while we get everything ready in your new home. Here are some friendly tips to get you going. 

1. Follow a To-Do List

We understand that you are in hurry but that does not allow you to skip the most important part of the organization. There are hundreds of things to do before leaving your old house so you need to prioritize things and the best way to do so is to make a to-do list and then stick to it. This phase may look time-consuming but soon you will realize the power of organization.

2. Pre-Pack Your Valuables

Packing your items takes most of the time and people mess up at this step. You need boxes, labeling items, and a lot of other things to pack your stuff with extreme care and attention. Waiting for the very last moment will narrow down your options and you will try to skip steps. Instead of risking the safety of your belongings, try to start packing your item one or two weeks before the move.

3. Arrange A Temporary Stay If Needed

Once you are done with the packing phase of your furniture and other belongings, you still need a place to sleep. If you are done with the packing phase days before the deadline, you can stay at your friend’s place or even rent a room in the hotel or keep an inflatable mattress. Staying at your own place with no furniture is not ideal. 

4. Hire A Professional Moving Company (Optional 😉 )

Why would you ever put your items in danger’s way when you can hire a professional moving service in NYC and NJ? Experienced movers not only have the right tools and resources but also offer a sense of safety and security. You don’t need to worry about planning, packing, loading, and unboxing because that’s our responsibility. We are offer professional and secure moving services in NYC for all types of moving needs. Our professional movers take every job seriously and offer a smooth transfer of your items from your old home to the new destination. Our aim is to offer secure and safe moving services and we are best at it.